The founder of – Christian Lämmler – has a background in electrical engineering.
Back when the first personal computers (PCs) arrived in companies and replaced so-called “dumb terminals,” Lämmler worked for an American computer manufacturer. At the beginning of the internet era in Switzerland, he was a member of the management board and head of the department New Media in Zurich’s top multimedia company Zürichs bester Multimedia-Firma (Tages Anzeiger Magazin)


In his more than 20 years working abroad, Lämmler worked together with top specialists of different nationalities. This taught him that these professionals work at a fraction of the normal cost of an expert in Switzerland. Based on this experience, Lämmler implemented his longstanding idea of ​​offering professional services on the Swiss market at attractive prices (maximum of 60 francs per hour).

Experts from Switzerland and Abroad

Freelancers are selected by for their qualifications such as references, expertise, languages, experience, on-time delivery and availability. The origin of the freelancer is unimportant – our specialists come from both Switzerland and abroad.

Responsibility for the Execution

Whether from Switzerland, Germany, India, Ukraine or Romania: All services are checked by before being submitted to the customer. Even if the possibility of direct communication between the freelancer and the client exists, is always responsible for the quality and correct execution.

Swiss Quality Standards

As a 100% Swiss company, is committed to meeting the high quality standards in Switzerland.

Low Service Prices = Low Quality?

In response to the large price difference between and “high-priced competitors,” concerns are often voiced that this must be due to a lack of quality. This can easily be refuted:
Hourly rate professional graphic designer Switzerland: 100.- CHF
Hourly rate professional graphic designer Ukraine: 25.- CHF

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfied customers are loyal customers. For this reason, clients of are obliged to pay only once they are 100% satisfied.


Our employees and freelancers are obliged to treat texts, contents and company information confidentially. With repeatedly employed specialists, we use additional non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

Home Office

Not only our freelancers and outside experts work from home but also the employees of This work method protects the environment, saves resources and costs – with a direct impact on the offered service prices – and allows for more time with family and friends.

Personal Contact

A Spanish proverb says: “Hablando se entiende la gente” (people who talk to each other understand each other). Although uses modern means of communication such as LiveChat and Skype, personal contact and conversation is the most important form of communication.

Commercial Register GmbH is a service provider listed in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zurich since May 2016 under the business identification number (UID): CHE-397.265.058.


Christian Lämmler is the owner / manager and responsible for GmbH.

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