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… online marketing services and design for print materials and websites. Are you looking for a freelancer for your special task? Ask us via live chat or give us a call – hardly a task is too big, too small or too complex, and we know suitable and inexpensive experts and freelancers for nearly any computer-related activity.

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1,590 francs: explainer video as a company or product video

Videos deliver content in a playful and efficient way. To find out more about a new product …
… 4% prefer reading
… 5% prefer audio only
… 44% prefer watching a video

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43 francs: technical translation per A4 page (0.13 CHF per word)

Technical translation of a complete website from German to French, 14,380 words – 44 A4 pages – including proofreading
Total 1,870 francs

   German               French    

248 francs: turning a dull image collection into a lively video

Whether real estate, services or products: With high-quality images, making an animated video is easy. Real estate video “Dream Villa in Sicily” animated only from images

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