Terms and Conditions (T&C) of 60francs.ch GmbH

Guiding Principle

60francs.ch GmbH always strives to provide services in a manner that is efficient, courteous, punctual and in compliance with the contract. Should problems nevertheless arise, 60francs.ch GmbH undertakes to seek a solution with all parties involved quickly and unbureaucratically through appropriate intervention.

1. Validity of the T&C

These Terms and Conditions (T&C) apply to all services or products provided or offered by 60francs.ch GmbH. The T&C are considered tacitly accepted in every business relationship. Customers are any natural or legal persons who have concluded a contract with 60francs.ch GmbH. The T&C are based on Swiss law and apply within Switzerland. Side agreements, assurances and other agreements as well as changes and additions to the contract must be made in writing in order to be valid. The T&C form an integral part of the contract between the client and 60francs.ch GmbH. 60francs.ch GmbH is entitled to change or supplement these T&C at any time. The currently valid T&Cs are published on the website www.60francs.ch.

2. Services

60francs.ch GmbH offers services that are available over the internet. The services are provided not only by 60francs.ch GmbH itself, but also by the verified independent experts and specialists it commissions. In all cases, however, contractual relationships exist exclusively with 60francs.ch GmbH and not directly with the respective specialist.
60francs.ch GmbH provides its services exclusively on the basis of these T&C; the T&C are considered accepted with any order to 60francs.ch GmbH. Deviating conditions of the client are hereby expressly excluded.
Conclusion of contracts and/ or order confirmations are regarded as having come about when the client and 60francs.ch GmbH have agreed on the scope of services contained therein. The agreement can be reached by signing the mentioned documents as well as via electronic confirmation (email) by referring to the offer, order confirmation or contract in question.

3. Correction

Insofar as the fulfillment deviates from the agreed requirements, the client must set a reasonable period of time for correction by 60francs.ch GmbH. After the expiry of the set deadline for correction, the client may demand the rescission of the contract if the issue has not been remedied in time. Correction is excluded if the deviations have been caused by the client himself, e.g., due to incorrect or incomplete information or incorrect content (pictures, documents, templates, websites).

4. Cancellation

The client may cancel the order with 60francs.ch GmbH in writing. The services provided up to the cancellation may be invoiced by 60francs.ch GmbH.

5. Payment Terms / Invoicing / Default

All agreed and published prices are exclusive of applicable value added tax. Unless stated otherwise, prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF). 60francs.ch GmbH invoices the customer for the services at the agreed price or at the agreed minimum order fees and payment terms, excluding the applicable statutory value added tax. Invoices are usually available in .pdf format only and are sent by email. The applicable payments are payable immediately upon receipt of the invoice and without deductions. In case of late payment, 60francs.ch GmbH is entitled to initiate debt collection without warning. The administrative expenses for reminders and debt collection will be charged to the defaulting payer.

6. Liability

Claims for damages against 60francs.ch GmbH arising from the contract, fault in the conclusion of the contract (culpa in contrahendo), positive breach of contract and default are excluded to the extent permitted by law. Liability for ancillaries is excluded in every case.

7. Exclusion of Guarantee

60francs.ch GmbH makes no guarantee that the respective processing (translation, sound recording, filming, etc.) is permitted and suitable for the intended use of the client. This applies in particular in the event that the delivered content (text, images, websites, etc.) is published or used for advertising purposes. The legal risk of usability or publication is the sole responsibility of the client.

8. Non-Disclosure

60francs.ch GmbH has confidentiality agreements with all employees and service providers. Employees and external specialists are required to maintain strict confidentiality and data privacy. 60francs.ch GmbH makes every effort to maintain the confidentiality of the content provided in accordance with the latest technology. However, 60francs.ch GmbH cannot guarantee 100% confidentiality due to the nature of electronic data communication.

9. Non-Solicitation

The client undertakes not to solicit or employ any of 60francs.ch GmbH own employees or subcontracted professionals for the duration of the cooperation and for a period of one year thereafter or without the consent of 60francs.ch GmbH. For each case of culpable infringement, the client undertakes to pay a contractual penalty of 30,000.- CHF. The payment of a contractual penalty does not exempt the client from complying with the non-solicitation clause.

10. Rights of Use

The rights of use of creations such as websites, texts, storybooks, manuscripts, screenplays, presentations, layouts, print materials, voice-overs, etc. are held exclusively by 60francs.ch GmbH. After completed and paid production, rights of use are transferred to the client free of charge.

11. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

These T&C are exclusively subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is the seat of 60francs.ch GmbH.

12. Seat / Company / Responsibility / Effective Date

60francs.ch GmbH
Tobelhofstrasse 209
8044 Zurich

60francs.ch GmbH is a service provider listed in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zurich (CH- under the business identification number (BID): CHE-397.265.058
VAT number: CHE-397.265.058 MWST

Christian Lämmler is the owner / manager and responsible for 60francs.ch GmbH

Zurich, March 2018

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