Freelance Expert Recruitment

Benefit from the Trend Toward Outsourcing

Work processes are increasingly being carried out on the computer. Through the internet, work can be done anywhere. As a result, more and more people are venturing into self-employment, meaning they work without an employment contract on an hourly or project basis.
Companies benefit from this trend: Projects are calculable and prices transparent, and costs are lower and only due with concrete proof of performance. as Recruiter

Our experience shows that the skill level of freelance service providers is generally very high. The problem is finding a reliable expert for a specific task among the masses. Before we recruit an expert, he or she is carefully vetted – after all, we are responsible for the quality delivered to our clients.

Free Trial Offer

Especially for more complex assignments, we offer trials. This trial offer is created together with the potential customer for a limited time and free of charge.

Temporary Work or Longer-Term Commitment?

Be it for a one-time project or long-term services, the right specialist is out there.
Our range of select professionals is very broad. For nearly any task that can be carried out on a computer, we are in contact with qualified professionals.

Hourly Fees

Our hourly rates for freelancers vary between 29.- CHF and 60.- CHF depending on the qualifications of the experts but never exceed 60.- CHF.

Example SEO

Extract SEO Consultation (questions & answers) Short-term assignment 2 hours

Fee 120.- CHF (60.- CHF per hour)

Example Concept Text

Extract Concept  (cafeteria, takeout)
Short-term assignment 5 hours

Fee 136.- CHF (39.- CHF per hour)


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