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An attractive logo, embedded in a clear corporate design, can sometimes be the small but decisive difference from the competition.

There’s a Designer in All of Us

There’s a Designer in All of Us
Try it yourself. Open this search window, type “logo” and your company’s line of work in the search box – for example, “logo carpenter” – and be inspired by existing logos on the internet. Our video will show you a few key features of the different logo types, and after filling out this form, you’re just a few steps from the first design of your logo.

Logos and Providers

Increasingly, providers are offering free designs, while others have multiple designers create a logo but then use only a single design or – the latest trend – produce logos using artificial intelligence. We have a different approach:

One Designer per Order

Our graphic designers are characterized by their competence and creativity. For each order, we select a graphic artist who creates designs based on the customer specifications (see form). If this information is not sufficient or our suggestions do not correspond to the customer’s wishes, a direct exchange between the customer and designer can be arranged.



Example Logo for print and web application

Cost 98.- CHF


Logo with letterhead and business card

Example Logo for print and web application, including letterhead and business card


Cost 398.- CHF

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