Translation Proofreading Lectorate

Whether a business offer, presentation, website, contract, brochure or report, correct spelling and proper use of language prevent misunderstandings and convey professionalism.

Multimedia Translation

A translation can include various media. We translate all content, including videos.

Languages ​​and Quality

From professional translators to linguists, we only use experts with extensive experience and verifiable references. The target language must always be their native language.

Technical Translations

Technical translations require not only language skills but also specialist knowledge.

For complex technical content, we offer a free test translation.

Prices per Word, Page or Character?

We calculate the translation costs based on the number of words. An A4 page contains between 250 to 350 words. The online tool makes it easy to analyze the amount of text and determine the price.

Example of a simple translation German to English, 0.12 CHF per word, A4 page with 300 * words 36.- CHF
Example of a technical translation German to Italian, 0.17 CHF per word, A4 page with 300 * words 51.- CHF

* Word prices are based on a minimum text size of 1,000 words. For follow-up orders (after the first order) with less than 1,000 words, we charge a fee of 15.- CHF. For monthly text quantities over 2,000 words, this fee will be waived, regardless of the number of orders.

Source Format Equals Target Format

Unless otherwise requested, our translations are always source-target format translations. This allows us to guarantee correct hyphenation according to orthographic rules.

Proofreading or Editing?

Proofreading involves checking a text for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and typography. No stylistic interventions are made.

Editing includes all the elements of proofreading, but the style of the text is additionally checked for content and logic and adjusted if necessary.

Prices start at 0.10 CHF per word  and vary depending on the quality.

How Long Does a Translation Take?

A qualified and experienced translator translates about 2,000 to 2500 words per day. Technical translations typically take five working days. Most of our translators are working on Saturdays as well.

Express Translation Rates:
Within 72 h:     + 25%
Within 48 h:     + 50%
Within 24 h:     + 100%

Translation InDesign


Example German to English technical translation (part of a magazine)
0.17 CHF per word

Website Translation

Modern websites / webshops contain databases, forms, diagrams, descriptions, photos and videos and much more.

Example technical translation website German to French
German website
French website

0.17 per word

Translation of web pages (steps):
Read out or export text from website or CMS
Translate text
Proofreading text
Enter or import text into website or CMS

The translation of websites or webshops can be technically challenging. For this reason, it is advantageous – if necessary – to involve a 60francs specialists in the field of website programming, to guarantee a smooth and high-quality website translation. Interested?

Translation Video Subtitles Voice Over

The translation of spoken videos can be done by means of a new voice comment (Voice Over). However, this method is somewhat time consuming.
As a simpler yet attractive alternative, translated subtitles can be added to the video.

Example video translations (part of a website translation)
English subtitles
French subtitles

189.- CHF per video

Translation of Diagrams and Text in Graphics


Example Greman to English

Technical translation of a block diagram

40.- CHF per image

Translation PDF form to Word document


Example German to French technical translation of a PDF form.

0.17 CHF per word (translation 0.14 CHF per word, conversion PDF form to Word document 0.03 CHF per word)

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