Your Website Is the Face of Your Company

First impressions matter. The average visitor lingers on a website for only about 40 seconds (Nielsen NetRatings).

Website Development

According to the motto ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth,’ we have developed streamlined work methods.
Our customers usually know what they want and are in direct contact with our web designers during the design and production phase. If there is still some uncertainty, we assist you until the requirements are clearly defined. This direct communication saves costs and time, reduces misunderstandings and ensures customer expectations are optimally realized in the website design.

ACL Parralax Design Website for Start-UpACL Parralax Design Website for Start-Up

Modern website in parallax design for a current topic: finger-based payment

Cost CHF 690.-

Website Tutorial

Although the widespread programs such as WordPress, Joomla, TYPO3, etc., are increasingly easy to use, we recommend that our customers purchase a website tutorial for the website we produce. The video tutorial is produced on the finished website and tells the website owner how to change images and content on the website.

Example of a video tutorial (shortened demo version) for the operation of the website.
Duration of original video 8 minutes

Cost CHF 248.-

Simple Website for Vacation Rental

One-page Website mobile optimized with slideshow, five images and link for direct booking on Airbnb and Fewo

Cost CHF 198.-

unresponsive_responsive 1


Mobile Optimized Websites (Responsive Websites)


Over 50% of internet users browse the web with tablets or smartphones.
Non-mobile optimized websites are no longer displayed correctly on portable devices (example X). They are moved to the bottom of the search results list (ranking) and thus hardly found.

Is your website mobile optimized?  Test your current website (it only takes about 30 seconds)

Our websites are created with the most modern programs such as WordPress, are mobile optimized and extensively tested before going online.

We’re happy to answer your questions in our online chat Darf ich Ihnen helfen? or over the phone.