Reading or Hearing and Seeing at the Same Time?

Videos are an ideal way to learn and share information. By repeating a sequence, the viewer is able to analyze information or instructions accurately and practice certain aspects until they are mastered.

Low Production Costs

With modern applications and increasingly powerful equipment, the cost of producing videos has dropped considerably compared to the past. Today, one or two-person companies are able to produce high-quality videos within a short time.

Explainer video REMAX vacation

Animated Explainer Video

Explainer videos convey topics in a playful yet efficient way. They usually last between 30 to 270 seconds and consist of drawn figures, whiteboard animation (drawing hand on a white background) or a combination of these. Explainer videos featuring drawn figures – also known as 2D animation – are time-consuming to produce since figures and backgrounds are designed and animated based on the topic.

Animated explainer video with individually drawn figures, variable backgrounds, music, German-language dialogues (professional speakers) two versions (with and without subtitles), duration 133 seconds
Cost 2,700.- CHF (20.50 CHF per second)


Professional videos as a company presentation, product presentation or illustration of a service can now be created even with a limited budget.

Image video for retail chain, by trainees for trainees. During ongoing store operation and filmed with stabilized handheld camera.
Production time 20 days, duration 82 seconds
Cost 2,780.- CHF (34.- CHF per second)

Dream villa in ThailandVideo for Real Estate … From Still Images

Whether a property is being rented or sold, hardly anyone will be interested without quality images. With existing images, making an animated real estate video is relatively easy: Determine the order of the images, select subtle background music, add image commentary – spoken or with subtitles – in the desired language.
Real estate video Dream Villa in Thailand.
Duration 117 seconds, production time 5 days, royalty free music and subtitles
Cost 248.- CHF (0.025 CHF per second)

Selection of animated real estate videos with royalty-free music and subtitles.


Video application 60 seconds

To stand out from the mass of competitors, an application video can be the deciding factor. Within minutes the potential employer gets a personal and meaningful impression of the applicant.

Examples of application videos

Cost 149.- CHF (2.48 CHF per second) Ask for the special conditions if you are unemployed

Website with video tutorial

Tutorial for Website

Tutorials aren’t just used for industrial training. We at recommend that our customers purchase a website tutorial for the website we produce. The video tutorial is produced on the finished website and tells the website owner how to change images and content on the website.

Video tutorial (shortened demo version) for content changes on website
Duration of original video 8 minutes

Cost 248.- CHF (0.52 CHF per second)

Video tutorial CIMCO

Industry Video

The benefits of video-based training have long been known in various industries. On the one hand, the cost of a video is lower compared to written instructions; on the other hand, the learning process is much shorter with videos.

Video tutorial based on screen recording with royalty-free music, fade-ins and spoken commentary.
Duration 3 minutes
Cost 1,490.- CHF (5.50 CHF per second)

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